midnight sun, arctic ocean

The "Midnight Sun"  over the Arctic Ocean at Barrow on June 21st, 2003

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Photo Galleries of Specific Subjects

February 2, 2017 *NEW* A View Never Seen
February 16, 2015   Kivgiq 2015
August 11, 2014   Joe's Museum
July 21, 2014   Doorways, Physical and Symbolic
January 28, 2013   The Art of Aqak Rexford
May 16, 2011   Whaling with the Savik Crew
January 3, 2011   US Post Office -- Barrow Alaska
December 25, 2010   Barrow twilight on a Winter Solstice
December 2, 2010   Barrow After the Sun Goes Down
November 29, 2010   Aaron Fox and Chie Sakakibara
September 4, 2010   Girdwood Fine Arts Camp -- 2010
July 6, 2010   Erica Lord
March 22, 2010   OASIS Team Field Trip
March 10, 2009   Electric Car
September 26, 2009   Skull Cliff
January 29, 2009   Two Nurses
August 10, 2008   Raffaella Milandri
August 13, 2009   Mark Pinsky
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Photo Essays

July 25, 2015   Senior Center Ducks
February 25, 2014   Drying an Ugruk Skin
July 16, 2012   Nesting Long-Tailed Jaeger
October 13, 2010   Subsistence Whaling in Barrow !!   
October 10, 2007   Dumpster Art!
October 9, 2007   Arctic Ocean Beach
August 2, 2006   Parachuting near Point Barrow
July 3, 2006   Playground
March 5, 2006   Ukpik, the Snowy Owl
January 31, 2006   Barrow at -40F
January 27, 2006   Weird Ice
September 16, 2005   Barrow -- Fall 2005
August 2, 2004   Umiaq skin boats in Barrow
April 21, 2004   An editorial on ANWR (Updated Jan 2007)

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) over Barrow on February 22nd, 2006

Child at Atqasuk Alaska Barrow Kivgiq 1999 Village house

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Links To Special People

Larry Ahvakana   Inupiat Artist
Bill Hess   Photographer

Links To Interesting Sites
(Updated: Sept 2016)
  Web page of the North Slope Borough.  
  North Slope Borough School District  
  City of Barrow  
  Native Village of Barrow (Tribal Government of Barrow)  
  Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope (Inupiat Government)  
  KBRW, Public radio on the North Slope.  
  The Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.  
  Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation  
  Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital  
  Eben Hopson Jr. memorial archive site.  
  Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission  
  Inupiat Heritage Center  

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Weather Information Links

(Updated: Oct 2016)
  Barrow   (The northern most point in Alaska)
  Wainwright   (90 miles southwest of Barrow)
  Point Lay   (west of Wainwright)
  Lisburne   (Radar site west of Point Lay, near Point Hope)
  Point Hope   (Western Chukchi Sea coast)
  Kotzebue   (south of Point Hope)
  Nuiqsut   (south east of Barrow, western edge of The Oil Patch)
  Kuparuk   (east of Nuiqsut, second largest oil field)
  Deadhorse   (Prudhoe Bay, largest oil field in the US)
  Kaktovik   (Barter Island Long Range Radar Site, in ANWR)
  Anuktvuk   (South of Barrow, in the Brooks Range)
  Fairbanks   (500 miles south, on the other side of the Brooks Range)

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