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For perspective, this is looking north and a bit east, from the edge of the old village of Barrow. Virtually the entire landscape seen here is man made, as it otherwise would have all washed into the ocean long ago. The water on the right is a lagoon, and there is a dam visible just below the large building on the right side. Behind that dam is the "Middle Lagoon", from which Barrow gets fresh water with a desalination plant.

The center top of the picture is "Browerville", or actually the site of the old Cape Smythe Whaling Station that Charles Brower operated in early 1900's. To the right is Browerville, which is now actually larger than Barrow itself, though that is all out of the picture here.

The next image will be of the buildings on the high ground just to the right of the power pole in the center of this image.


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