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Image 1
April 13, 2000: Drying in the wind. This boat appears to be covered with 5 or 6 skins, if I'm counting the seams correctly. Note the wooden sled to the right of the boat, propped up to keep the runners from freezing to the ground (which would make it hard to pull for awhile when next used). In the background to the left is a light blue building that is the Airport Inn.

Umiaq skin boat near Airport In

Image 2
April 13 2000: An umiaq skin boat drying in the wind.

Umiaq drying in the wind

Image 3
June 1999: Skin boats on the Arctic Ocean ice directly in front of Barrow Alaska at the end of the 1999 spring whaling season. Both are sitting on wooden sleds for transport by snowmachine. Note that one boat is flying the crew flag, indicating a successful hunt.

Umiaqs on Ocean ice

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